About Us

Peebles Monument was born in 1922, in the back of the hardware store in Peebles, Ohio. There were five owners, Lou Kirshner, Mahlon Hooper, Cecil Trefz, Rufuss Thorman and Les Wittenmyer. Eventually Mahlon Hooper bought the business from the other owners and ran the monument company for several years. Mahlon and his wife had one son, Donald who after World War II, returned home from the Air Force to join the family business.

In 1963 Mary Ryan's mother Ocie Ryan passed away and Mary went to the monument company to buy a monument for her mother. Donald assisted Mary in choosing a Rock of Ages Memorial. At the time Donald needed help in the office and asked Mary if she would be interested in helping out. Mary eventually became a full time employee and for many years was a leader in sales and management.

Mary had one son, Stephen Ryan who at an early age began mowing and trimming around the monuments at the Peebles office. A few years later Steve began lettering corner stones, small markers and eventually small monuments. Steve would come to the monument shop after school just about every day to hand cut monuments that Donald had laid out for the final step of sandblasting. In 1975 Donald and Mary were married. In 1976 Steve married Vallery Lynn Leedy and they have one son, Stephen Tyler Ryan.

Our goals

  • To create a personalized tribute for your loved one.
  • To provide excellent service.
  • To provide a foundation that will keep a memorial, that is to last forver, straight and upright.
  • To deliver a memorial in a timely manner.
  • To offer services that incorporate solutions to meet our customers financial needs.
  • To keep prices affordable in consideration of the depth of our foundations, depth of our lettering, personal design and the quality of our granite.
  • To guide our customers through their choices when selecting a granite: Quality, Size, Shape, Finish, Texture, Color etc...

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